Five arrests for shoplifting

Cape Town Central police arrested a man and a woman for theft in two separate incidents last week.

On Monday January 7, a private security guard doing foot patrols in Cardiff Street noticed a man removing the green net covering the fence around a building. The 10m x 2m covering was valued at R2 000. The man was arrested and detained at Cape Town Central police station on charges of theft.

On Tuesday January 8, a security guard noticed a woman cutting an unused table that was stored at the station.

When asked why she was cutting the table, the woman said she wanted to sell it. The police were informed and the woman was arrested and detained at Cape Town Central police station.

Clampdown on drugs

Between Monday January 7 and Friday January 11, police arrested 19 people who were found to be in possession of drugs, among them heroin, unga, tik, dagga, mandrax powder, mandrax pills, ecstasy and cocaine.

During the week, police also arrested five people in connection with shoplifting at shops in the city centre.

Over the weekend, from Friday January 11 to Sunday January 13, police arrested another 15 people for possession of drugs during operations around Strand Street, Greenmarket Square, Napier Street, Old Marine Drive, Lower Long Street, the Grand Parade and the Station Deck.

Vehicle-related crime

Police also arrested a number of suspects in connection with crimes related to vehicles.

Among these were two suspects arrested for the attempted theft of a car parked in Leeuwenhof Street, Gardens, on Friday January 11.

The car’s owner had been alerted by a car guard who told her he had seen a man inside her car. When the guard shouted at the man, he got out of the car and ran to another man, with whom he got into a white VW Polo, registration number CA9050, and drove off. Both men were arrested and detained on charges of attempted theft.

Two days before, on Wednesday January 9, police arrested a man in connection with a car break-in in Military Road, Schotschekloof, after he was pointed out by an ADT security guard

On Sunday January 5, police arrested a man for malicious damage to property after he broke a car’s window in Waterkant Street.

The complainant had locked his car and went into his office, and shortly after, heard the sound of glass breaking. He went back to the car and found that someone had broken his windscreen. Someone pointed out the man who had broken it after he had had an argument with his colleague. The man was arrested and taken to Cape Town Central police station.