Danger on the roads

Maghmood Allie, Plumstead

My life is being put at risk by the arrogance and stupidity of other road users.

While the taxi driver is the main culprit, Joe and Jane Soap in their private vehicles are following suit. Why not? Who is there to enforce the law? As a driver in daily traffic witnessing so much absolute lawlessness, I am amazed that not many more incidents of road rage are being recorded. Give it a bit more time? Maybe.

Rosmead Avenue northbound early morning and one hopes to reach the traffic lights at Wetton Road sometime while it’s still morning.

Traffic is backed up to Ottery Road and while others are patiently waiting, the taxi driver will be passing on the right, in the lane facing oncoming traffic.

Don’t think of taking evasive action going left. There’s another coming along the shoulder of the road that side.

Wetton Road, coming from Chukker Road in Lansdowne. Still early morning. Want to see a packed Toyota Quantum go into 4×4 mode? This happens just before the sports club on the left.

The vehicles mount the kerb, drive along a sandy path and then onto the shoulder along the soccer fields.

Finally, forcing their way and cutting in at the front. Yes, you’ve seen it. You’ve experienced it. Have you tried it?

Hospital Bend outbound? Crossing double barrier lines, solid lines and the island mean nothing. Merely lovely to look at painted lines on the road.

So many more stories to tell. But JP Smith, as Mayco member for safety and security, it is up to you to stop this carnage.

You may claim lack of resources. I say prioritise. My life is at stake.