Cops nab robber and drug peddler

A man was arrested for selling dagga on the corner of Strand and Dorp streets.

Police said they would add a charge of aggravated robbery to the list of offences of the man who allegedly stabbed a 28-year-old man to death in Gardens last week (“Good Samaritan stabbed during robbery”, CapeTowner, October 19).

The extra charge has been added after it emerged that the suspect beat up the woman he had robbed. The charge will be added once the murder investigation nears completion, and all the witnesses have been interviewed, said the investigating officer for the case, Warrant Officer Neil Capoto of Cape Town Central police.

The suspect is still in custody until his bail hearing in November. Bail will be opposed, he said.

The incident happened in Kloof Street, when the suspected killer and two other men approached two women walking home. “One of the women then picked up a wallet and asked a truck driver if it belonged to him, but then the suspect and two of his friends insisted that the wallet belonged to them.”

During the row, the murder suspect beat up the woman and took her bag, while her friend screamed and drew the attention of the victim who was sitting nearby. When he pursued the robber, he was stabbed once in the neck. “The knife was huge. He was declared dead on the scene,” said Warrant Officer Capoto.

He said the suspect had been arrested after being chased down by security and had been jumping into the yards of private properties before he was cornered. “The knife and the cellphone that were stolen were recovered.”

He said police were concerned about the robberies in the Kloof Street area. “There have been an increase in reports of people – especially tourists – who have been robbed at gunpoint in the vicinity of McDonalds at the top of Long (Street). We want to warn people to be vigilant.”

Cape Town Central police arrested a man for selling dagga on the corner of Lower Plain and Strand streets on Saturday morning. Cape Town Central police spokesman, Captain Ezra October, said police followed up on information from a member of the public about a Rastafarian selling dagga.

“The officers caught the man at the location given to the police, searched him and found a parcel of dagga weighing 48.7kg (on him).”

The man was arrested and will appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court for possession of dagga.

A man was arrested for armed robbery after City Central Improvement District (CCID) guards and law enforcement officers chased him and two other suspects down.

The man and two assailants, who got away, had allegedly robbed a woman of her bag while pointing a gun at her on the corner of Dorp and Bree streets last week. Captain October said the law enforcement officers arrested the man and recovered the woman’s purse as well as the firearm, which was later found to be fake.

“When the officers arrived at the police station with the suspect, there was a complainant at the station who was in the process of opening a case of armed robbery after three men robbed him at gunpoint around the same time on the corner of Long and Green streets. A positive identification was made and both the victims have laid charges,” he said.

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