City stabbing

I was left with feelings of helplessness on Saturday November 12, after observing a stabbing in Riebeek Street.

While walking from breakfast, I watched as two women and two men robbed a man, kicked and shoved him.

Eventually one of men drew a knife, chased the victim and stabbed him in the back. They quickly ran off in the direction of the train station.

The victim ran up the road trying to flag down a car willing to rush him to the nearest hospital.

Finally, a CCID patroller showed up and called the ambulance. I spoke to the victim briefly. When I got home, I eventually broke down.

In that moment, I was rendered utterly helpless to the violence perpetuated by others; helpless to the feelings of hate in the hearts of others. I hope that man gets the medical care he needs and makes a swift recovery without any long-term damage.

Lesson: Let us cease to be quick to anger; let us fight with words not weapons and let us never turn away from our humanity and compassion. Because without it, man’s evolutionary strides cease to matter and that is truly a crying shame.

I am a student from the University of the Western Cape.Currently doing my Master’s degree in Medical Biosciences.

My supervisors and I are conducting a study to investigate the effectiveness of an adjunctive treatment for depression (Major Depressive Disorder).

We are recruiting people who have been diagnosed with depression and are currently on antidepressants. Our study has been ethically approved. People who are aged between 18 and 65 years old; have been diagnosed with depression; and are currently on at least one antidepressant medication, may be eligible to participate in the study.

The research is being conducted at the University of the Western Cape and the duration of the study is six months. Participants will be required to come for follow-up visits every three weeks. The benefits of participation in the study includes; receiving study treatment, follow-up visits with a trained clinician, overall better mental health and participation in a ground breaking innovative study. If you are interested contact us at 0738050033 or alternatively send us an email @