CBD thefts keep police on their toes

Cape Town Central police arrested two men for theft after a car chase on Monday November 11.

Cape Town Central spokesperson, Captain Ezra October, said an officer patrolling the area witnessed a man snatch a cellphone from another man waiting for a taxi cab on the corner of Bree and Strand streets.

The officer gave chase and in an attempt to escape the officer, the suspected robbers recklessly drove down Buitengracht street towards Tamboerskloof, en route to Camps Bay.

“The officer requested assistance from an ADT officer on patrol and after giving him the description and registration number of the suspects, they were able to request backup.

It wasn’t long before the Camps Bay watch officers cornered the men.”

Both men arrested, and will be charged with theft.

On Saturday November 9, police were called to Phillip Kgosana Drive, where they found two men who tried to break into a red container outside the shooting range. They were arrested and charged with attempted burglary.

On Friday November 8, a man was arrested for theft by police patrolling the area in Camp Road, Oranjezicht

The police received information about a man walking in Camp Street who was wanted for for stealing CCTV cameras from homes, said Captain October.

The officers followed up the information and spotted the man, searched him and found tools, a wheel spanner and vehicle lock nuts, in his possession.

He was arrested for possession of stolen property, police will proceed with further investigations regarding video footage obtained and follow up information regarding the theft of CCTV cameras.

Anyone with information can contact Cape Town Central’s detective office at 021 467 8039.

On Friday November 9, three pupils were arrested for robbery with a knife and possession of dagga in Military Road, Bo-Kaap.

The complainant was walking with a group of 10 people coming from the scout’s camp at Signal Hill Road when they passed the three pupils.

On their way back, the complainant gave them a bottle of water.

The pupils stood up and proceeded walking pass the hiking group and at about 30 meters ahead, when they got to a junction, the pupils pretended to look at the view and suddenly drew a knife and robbed them of their personal belongings, including a rucksack, cash, wrist watch and ran away towards the scouts camp.

One of the female hikers screamed and the rangers heard them and came to their assistance.

They alerted the police and gave chase and managed to arrest the pupils behind Vista High School.

The victims sustained no injuries, the knife was recovered and all the belongings were handed over to the hikers.

Police also confiscated 13 stoppe dagga found in possession of one of the pupils.

On Friday November 8, police arrested a man in Kloof Street after he smashed the window at McDonalds at the top of Long Street.

Captain October said the man went to the eatery at 5am and demanded the store be opened for him. When the security guard explained that the store was closed, he became aggressive and smashed the door with a metal object, and assaulted the security guard.

The police were notified and the man was arrested.

On Thursday November 7, a man was detained by a CCID safety officer after he grabbed someone’s cellphone and ran away. The guard gave chase and held the man until police arrived. He was arrested and charged with theft.

On Thursday November 7, a man was arrested for theft in Buitengracht Street after he and another man snatched a man’s chain.

The CCID officers assisted the man, gave chase and caught one of the robbers, who was handed over to the police.

The victim’s chain was recovered and handed over to him.

Also on Thursday November 7, two officers arrested two school pupils for robbery with a dangerous weapon in Sir Lowry Road.

Captain October said a pupil was walking in Zonnebloem with his friends when they flagged down patrolling offices and informed them about a robbery.

The officers took the complainant with them to search for the alleged robbers. They later found them near the Golden Arrow depot.

The two alleged robbers saw the police and ran towards Searle Street. The police officers gave chase, arrested the two pupils, and recovered the phone and retrieved the knife that was used in the robbery.

On Wednesday November 6, three men was arrested at the Kraal in Bo-Kaap for common and aggravated robbery after police received a tip-off regarding the hiding place and the whereabouts of the suspected robbers inside the Kraal. The men were identified at a later stage by the complainant and was arrested.