Cape Town Tourism partners with safety app

Cape Town Tourism has partnered with Namola, an emergency safety app

As travel slowly begins to reopen, Cape Town Tourism has partnered with a safety response app to give visitors peace of mind wherever they go.
This partnership forms part of Cape Town Tourism’s TravelWise initiative, which provides visitors with educational information on health and safety, with a particular focus on responsible travel.  
The Namola app is free to download and can be accessed from your smartphone. The app uses your phone’s GPS location to tell nearby responders who you are and where you are. Trained operators will confirm details and dispatch help from nearby police, sentinels or other emergency officials. 
Cape Town Tourism CEO, Enver Duminy, said safety and security in Cape Town present a serious challenge when it comes to tourism.
“Now more than ever during these uncertain times, travellers and locals alike need to know that, while they are out and about in Cape Town, they have quick access to an emergency operator to get help should they need to. We have identified Namola as our preferred partner to help visitors and locals feel safe when in Cape Town. 
“As regulations are eased and the tourism engine slowly restarts, we remain committed to ensuring our destination is safe and ready to welcome travellers again.” 
James Bell from Namola said they were working together with Cape Town Tourism to ensure that help is instantly available.
 “Personal safety – be that emergency help or knowing your loved ones are safe and where they should be, impacts everybody’s lives and our partnership will undoubtedly ensure that the Cape can be enjoyed as it should be.”
Mayoral committee member for economic opportunities, James Vos, said safety of guests is a top priority for the City.
“We are proud of the partnership our official destination marketing and management organisation is launching with Namola. We facilitate year-round programmes focusing on the prevention of tourist and visitor safety incidents through community, stakeholder and enforcement engagements, and implement the use of technology to ensure a safer Cape Town.”