Cape Town Central make arrests for drugs, weapons & assault

Police confiscated liquor from Fiction night club on Friday August 22. They were trading without a licence.
A Long Street nightclub had its liquor licence suspended on the first weekend of trading since the lockdown regulations were relaxed last week. 
The Cape Town Central police visited liquor outlets around the city centre on Friday August 22, after the ban on alcohol was lifted last Tuesday. 
At Club Fiction, police confiscated 0.2 grams of cocaine found inside the club. 
Central police spokesperson Captain Ezra October said the manager on duty was arrested, and was also charged as an illegal immigrant.
The nightclub was closed down, and a fine of R2 500 was issued for trading without an authorised liquor licence. The renewal of the licence was suspended by the Western Cape  Liquor Authority, and the liquor was confiscated. 
During a roadblock on the corner of Riebeeck and Long streets, police arrested two people for drunk driving. 
Police also conducted a Women’s Month operation on Friday August 21 in Strand Street with five female police officers, three female Law Enforcement officers and three female Metro police officers. They issued 21 fines for various offences to the value of R13 500, and arrested a man for possession of drugs. 
A man was also arrested for a fraudulent driver’s licence.
On Saturday August 22, during operations, a man was also arrested for stealing a bottle of wine from a club in Long Street. 
BLOB: On Sunday August 23, a man was arrested for burglary on the corner of Strand and Buitengracht streets. 
Captain October said an on duty security officer heard a noise while doing his patrols at a building and found a man walking away from the door, which was smashed. The security officer apprehended the man and he was later handed over to the police.  
On the same day, a man was caught with two wiper blades that he could not answer for, and was arrested for presumed stolen property. 
Two men were also arrested for possession of dangerous weapons in two separate incidents – one with two 30mm long blades, an another with an axe.
BLOB: On Wednesday August 19, police arrested two men for possession of drugs during an operation with an estimated street value of R200.

On the same day, in an unrelated incident, a man was arrested after he allegedly stabbed someone in the face on the corner of Strand and Adderley streets. 

Captain October said the man was arrested after he was pointed out by the victim. He was arrested and charged for assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.