Boost for tourism

Enver Duminy, Cape Town Tourism CEO

Those of us in the tourism sector are committed to redoubling our efforts so that we can see this vision of growth realised in our own city as well as across the country.

We recognise that this growth will boost the economy, while providing and sustaining employment. This can be done with a collaborative effort between government, industry and our citizens as we strive to grow our economy while seeking to save our water resources.

This beautiful country and the people who live here are ready to welcome visitors; we believe that we can inspire memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

Our many cultures reflected in SA differentiate us on the global tourism stage – it’s our unique South African character that connects and inspires ourselves and others, every day of the year.

We will work together to heed the president’s call to continue to grow the tourism sector while being ever-mindful and active in ensuring that this is done in a sustainable manner that adheres to the principles of responsible tourism. We are certain that this can be done. Mr President, as tourism professionals, we say “send us”.