At your service…

Percy Manwere hopes to one day see the world.

Waiter Percy Manwere came to Cape Town in search of a better life and has found himself thriving in the food service industry.

The 26-year-old was born and raised in Harare and said he always knew that he wanted to see the world.

Shortly after completing his matric in 2013, he worked for a satellite dish installation company but life had other plans for him.

“I barely worked for three months when my friends took the decision to leave home.’’

With his parents’ blessing and the hunger to make a better life for himself, he took a conscious decision to move to Cape Town

“My brother, friends and cousins were already here and they told me about how wonderful the place was, I thought why not.”

He said he spent the first few months unemployed and living at his cousin’s home in Woodstock.

All he knew was that he wanted a better life for himself.

An opportunity presented itself when he helped his cousin deliver food to restaurants. His cousin had a good working relationship with restaurant owners so he put in a good word for Mr Manwere and soon after that he got a job at a Loop Street restaurant.

This is where Mr Manwere learnt the trade.

“I had to undergo thorough preparation for my role in terms of my speech in being articulate, how to make a sale and any basic training waiters undergo.”

He worked at the restaurant for two years until he joined Capello in 2017.

“I love working here because before everything, I make a lot more money here.”

The job also included training on how to mix speciality drinks and give extraordinary service to customers.

Mr Manwere said there are times when he takes strain in terms of the amount of money he takes home. During the week, tourists and lawyers come to town for lunch but after that it quietens down until after 5pm.

He added that the weather plays a role in customer turnout as people stay at home when it is cold. However, he is looking forward to the festive season.

“My bank account is excited,” he joked.

Mr Manwere also enjoys being a customer on Long Street. “I get the best of both worlds, in a sense that while I take a sip of my drink, I get a beautiful view of the mountains too.”

He is hoping to get a job on a cruise ship.

“I love my job but I want something better, I want to travel and see the world,” he said.

But for now, he said he cannot wait for customers to experience their five-star rated services.