A focus on quality healthcare for all

Zamikhaya Kina is the EFF candidate for Ward 115.

As voters prepare to go to the polls to vote for their local government representatives on Wednesday August 3, the CapeTowner looks at who is vying for your vote; who’s stepping down, who’s sticking around and who’s making waves.

This week we focus on the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who stormed into the political arena in 2013 and are contesting the local government elections for the first time.

The party struck a chord with voters in the 2014 national election, with the EFF coming in third, after the ANC and DA respectively.

They also won 25 seats in the national assembly.

MATTHEW HIRSCH spoke to one of the EFF ward candidates who are contesting the local election in the wards which fall into CapeTowner’s distribution area.

Zamikhaya Kina is the EFF’s candidate for Ward 115, which includes Mouille Point, Green Point and De Waterkant, Bo-Kaap, CBD, Woodstock and Paarden Eiland.

“I was born in the rural outskirts of the Eastern Cape and moved to Cape Town in the late 80s,” he told Atlantic Sun.

“I matriculated in 1997 and became actively involved in politics as a student. I served on different community structures, especially doing youth development programmes to better the lives of young people. It was my day to day travelling from the township into the affluent suburbs that sparked my interest in political activism.

“In 2013 I found my home in the EFF and am currently serving as a Regional Command Team member in Cape Metro Region.”

Mr Kina said one of his main focuses in the ward would be strengthening the community police forum and neighbourhood watches.

Public health facilities, he said, would also be placed in the spotlight.

“All municipal health clinics must be open 24 hours a day so that the sick can be help after working hours. No person must be turn away or stand in a queue waiting to receive health care. I will fight for quality health care provide by the municipal health facilities.”