16 suspects arrested in CBD during lockdown

A total of 16 suspected robbers were arrested in the CBD since the weekend, mostly for breaking into city centre businesses that are closed due to the national lockdown.

Bob’s Bar, Harrington’s, Revelas Fisheries and Liny’s Baby shop were all targeted.

In the biggest arrest, which took place on Sunday March 29, seven suspects were arrested for breaking into Liny’s Baby Shop on the corner of Plein and Strand streets near Cape Town Station.

In another incident, three suspects were also arrested for breaking into Revelas Fisheries in Long Street, with another two arrested for a house break-in on the corner of Buitengracht and Wale streets.

CCID Safety & Security manager Mo Hendricks said the crimes were sporadic and opportunistic, and occurred in various precincts throughout the CBD.

“We will not tolerate criminal activity in the CBD during the lockdown while our nation is trying to combat the coronavirus crisis. Criminals need to know that they will be caught and brought to book: we have 300 Public Safety Officers working shifts 24/7, and they have been briefed and know what to look out for.”