Theo takes a big step as a solo artist

Theo Watt.

Theo Watt, who shot to fame as front man of The Rockets, will be making his solo debut at The Legends Throwback concert on Saturday April 20 at the Castle of Good Hope, at 7pm.

Watt, 50, joined the group when the legendary Colin “Bones” Delight left The Rockets and was a member for 31 years.

He says he will always remain thankful to The Rockets for the opportunities they afforded him and says in his heart he will always be a Rocket.

But, he says, he felt the time was right for him to move on.

“We toured with lots of international stars, such as Usher, The Manhattans, Atlantic Star and the list goes on and on. I always wanted to be in music. Bones and the guys always practised in my grandma’s house in Bonteheuwel, so I always watched them rehearse.

“I always wanted to be like Bones. I wanted to sing and dance like him. At the age of 7 I started to sing, sometimes even with bands at the club. After that I started taking part in Michael Jackson competitions and I won a lot because I could sing and dance.”

Now he is ready to make the big step away from the group that catapulted him to stardom. “I felt I wanted to go on my own because I had the desire to record my own CDs and to put my own personal message in the songs that I am going to write and that I have already finished writing.

“Hopefully that will be finished by the end of the year. I want it to be finished before December because I want to release it by then. I am currently busy recording in my studio at home. I am writing most of the songs, then one or two songs are written by Molly Baron (formerly from The Rockets) and Aubrey Arries (formerly from Tomorrow’s World and Bloodshed).”

He will re-record two of the songs he wrote for The Rockets last CD, Trane van die Kaap and Pappa, for his first solo album. He says music lovers can expect a bit of everything, with Afrikaans and English songs as well as his version of Tommy Saaiden’s Just Ordinary People.

Watt, who lives in Edgemead, admits leaving The Rockets was a daunting prospect and that it took him a while to come to this decision. “I had to think long and hard but I made the decision on my 50th birthday. I told the guys a month ago ‘listen, no hard feelings, but I feel to do this on my own, to go solo’.

“There were no hard feelings, we parted amicably. But if they need me for a show, I will always be available. If they need me for a show I will do it.

“I know the Rockets will carry on and keep doing well.”

The Throwback Legends Tour 2019 is a five-city tour, with legends such as Felicia Marion from Joy, Steve Fataar, Wilfred Aploon, Aubrey Arries, Guss Smythe, Herbie Blackfoot, Lindsay Burts, Molly Baron, Bones Delight, Sandra Butler, Henry and the Definition Band, Joey Moses, Danny Chetty, Cecil Mitchell, Errol Stephanus and Salome.

Tickets cost R250 for general access, R450 for Golden Circle and R650 for the VIP experience. Book through Webtickets or at Pick * Pay stores.