Sendinggestig Museum

Far right: Saxit! are, from left, Jade de Waal, Joel Benjamin, Simon Bates and Gareth Harvey.

Two Cape Town bands, Saxit! and The Hot Club will play cool jazz on Friday June 2 at the Sendinggestig Museum, in the old Slave Church, 40 Long Street, at 7pm. Saxophone ensemble, Saxit! was formed in 2012 and includes Joel Benjamin (alto/soprano sax), Jade de Waal (alto sax), Simon Bates (tenor sax) and Gareth Harvey (baritone sax). The Hot Club was formed in 2016 and includes Daniel Zachariah Franks (violin), Elton Goslett (guitar) and Mike Hardaker (guitar). Tickets cost R100 at the door. Call June Knight on 079 183 5170 or email for more information.