Photojournalist shares his stories

Nic Bothmas The Twenty-Seven Years of Photojournalism exhibition will showcase works from his career. Nic covered the fall of apartheid and liberation of Nelson Mandela.

The Chavonnes Battery Museum will show the Twenty-Seven Years of Photojournalism exhibition by Nic Bothma in association with the European Pressphoto Agency until Thursday May 31.

The solo exhibition is on the mezzanine level of the museum, which showcases the history of Cape Town, at the Clock Tower precinct of the V&A Waterfront.

The showcase follows a journey through the life of a wire photographer ending back in the good old days of celluloid photography, pre-digital era, where Nic started his career on one of the biggest stories in the world at the time – the fall of apartheid and liberation of Nelson Mandela.

Erdmann Contemporary has curated the selection that includes award-winning images from his work on the wire, some of which are printed and framed in large format and others like those of Nelson Mandela that have never been published. These are supplemented with interviews, articles and a digital slide show of more current works and a presentation by the photographer.

Dale Dodgen of the Chavonnes Battery Museum said: “Hosting these thought-provoking photographs allows us to draw a wider audience to the museum and together with the exhibits and displays in the museum, forms an integral part of our school education programme.

“Because photojournalists seldom exhibit, it is an honour to offer an exhibition of this stature in one venue for visitors to enjoy.”

The Chavonnes Battery Museum is open from Friday to Monday from 9am to 7pm and from Tuesday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm.

Tickets cost R100 for adults, and is free for children under 16. Red Bus visitors pay R70, and seniors and students pay R50. For more information, call 021 416 6230.