March is month of the penguins at aquarium

The Two Oceans Aquarium is celebrating penguins this month.

The Two Oceans Aquarium is celebrating penguins during the month of March with its “March of the Penguin” campaign.

There will be activities and information about penguins; a membership competition with penguin-themed prizes; QR code-led tours through the aquarium, and discounted entrance fees.

Penguins are charismatic birds that play a vital role in the marine ecosystem. As indicator species, the health of the penguin population is an indication of the overall health of the ecosystem. Climate change, overfishing, pollution and other human activities are pushing these birds to the brink of extinction.

During March, the aquarium puts the spotlight on penguins, their importance in the environment and what people can do to save these animals.

There will also be regular updates on the aquarium’s social media channels, including arts and crafts and a live webcam streaming activity on the aquarium’s penguin beach.

On-site, aquarium visitors are able to follow a QR code-led tour using their cellphones. These codes present visitors with facts, visuals and activities. The aquarium’s penguin mascot, Samantha, will also make surprise appearances during the month.

Penguin experiences are also back on offer at the aquarium, although the birds are currently undergoing their annual moult and are not available to meet with visitors.

These experiences afford the opportunity to meet the rock hopper penguins face-to-face.

While the birds are making the most of changing their feathers, the aquarium has implemented a waiting list for those who would like to book a penguin experience.

To reserve a space on this list, please

The aquarium also has the “After 3 Special” until Wednesday March 31 where there are discounts on tickets after 3pm.

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