Make-up tricks to beat the heat

Checking the mirror to perfect your look before heading into the sun is often a futile exercise because most make-up products are not made to withstand sweat or heat.

I’ve put together a few tips and hacks to ensure that you’re looking fab around the clock.

With summer make-up, less is more, so a tinted moisturiser or BB cream and concealer to cover spots are a perfect alternative to a foundation.

Oil-free make-up is the best bet to having a lasting look as oil-based foundation and powders tend to move off the skin easier on hot days.

You can also experiment with mixing a few drops of your foundation with primer to create your own tinted moisturiser, which will have a lasting finish.

For those who can’t do without their foundation, which is a good additional barrier against the sun, start with an oil-free primer before applying an oil-free foundation.

The primer creates a base for foundation to go on, creating a smoother longer-lasting look.

Bronzer is my secret weapon in summer; it is like adding the warmth filter to your look without taking a selfie.

It also gives your skin a sun-kissed look and is great to help define your features. When applying bronzer, apply it to the points of your face that the sun naturally hits, which is your forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose.

Sticking to the less is more principal, switch those vibrant matt lipsticks and powder eye shadows for a lip and cheek stain and cream shadow.

The lip stain will give you a natural I-was-born-with-this-colour-stain and you can layer this with a moisturising and sun-protecting lip balm to shield your pout.

Powdery shadows and blush tend to wear fast too and reapplying them can make you look cakey.

If you don’t want to go out and buy a new lip and cheek tint or cream shadow, re-purpose those winter lip colours and kick it old school by slicking some lipstick onto your cheeks to stain them. Just make sure the lip colour blends well with your skin tone.

An orange lip colour could also be applied to your eyelids for a sunkissed eyeshadow effect so that’s a three-in-one for the regular old lipstick, which is also easy to carry around.

Wetting your eyeshadow brush before applying your eyeshadow will also increase the staying power of your colour.

If you’re using eyeliner, a liquid liner has a stronger hold than pencil or kohl eyeliner which tend to smudge in the sun.

Switching to waterproof mascara and eyeliner is also a given as it is made to survive perspiration and tears.

Finally, you can finish off your look with a finishing spray which is basically hair spray for make-up.

This will set your look to ensure that it doesn’t move around without consent and will also give you a moisture boost during the day when you’re feeling dry and need a refreshing spritz.

You can find a setting spray and a primer at most pharmacies as well as blotting paper which can be used if you feel that you’re looking a bit shiny – and not in the Beyoncé sort of way – during the day.

Blotting paper will absorb the sweat without smudging your make up.

Chinese rice paper is my favourite and they normally come with a fine translucent powder which adds to the staying power of your make up.

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