Generation Next

A public art project called Generation Next is being featured on the walls of Cape Town’s train station until Friday August 30.

Generation Next is part of an international initiative started by French photographer JR in 2011. The project, Inside Out, aims to create a global art project for people to share their untold stories. South Africa is one of 129 countries taking part in the project.

The instalment consists of portraits of local entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders working to shape the future of Cape Town.

Those featured in the portraits are considered change-makers in the city for their work in Cape Town’s under-served communities.

By showcasing community members working to better Cape Town, Generation Next hopes to inspire future generations to create social benefits for Capetonians in need.

The project is also part of initiatives by Cape Town’s train station for the 10th anniversary of Mandela Day.

Cape Town’s Inside Out project was put together by Ekse Lens Photography School, Momentum Production, Oribi Village, Digital Express, Baz-Art, the Inside Out Project and Ludovic Baussan.

Baussan, a photographer who initiated the project in March, said Generation Next hopes the project can make positive changes to Cape Town.

“We hope that this art installation can shift some established perceptions, spark some interesting conversations amongst the public and inspire a new generation of positive change-makers.”