Exhibition gives a different perspective

Sibusiso Nyamakazi by Ross Jansen.

A photo exhibition called Inequality: a Different Picture is showing at the Company’s Garden until Sunday March 3.

The exhibition features 32 photos arranged into three essays by Ross Jansen, Andiswa Mkosi and Neo Ntsoma.

It was the end product of a mentorship project launched by Agence Francaise the Developpement (AFD), France’s development bank, in partnership with Igalelo, a South African not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs from underprivileged areas of Cape Town.

During the week-long programme, Neo Ntsoma introduced two promising young photographers – Andiswa Mkosi and Ross Jansen – to storytelling techniques used in photojournalism and guided them throughout their photoshoot on-site in Nyanga, Philippi and Hanover Park to document the day-to-day lives of three entrepreneurs – Sibusiso Nyamakazi, Renshia Manuel and Bulelani Futshane – and illustrate how they have faced and overcome different forms of inequalities.

The ambassador of France, Christophe Farnaud, said some of the inequalities are not immediately visible and difficult to portray through photos.

“That is why this exhibition gives us a ‘different picture’ of inequality. These photos question pervasive stereotypes about ‘township’ youth, black fathers, and women’s abilities. They illustrate how these three entrepreneurs have challenged various forms of inequality to realise their business ideas, sustain themselves and their families, and ultimately bring change in their communities.”

Carl Bernadac, AFD’s deputy director in Southern Africa, said: “Inequality is a complex subject. It is not just about the gap between rich and poor. It’s also about the spatial divisions that we see in South African cities, or the gender discrimination silently creeping into the workplace. Addressing inequality is at the core of our work at AFD. For us, social justice and cohesion between generations, communities, individuals and social groups are key for economically and socially balanced development.”

Ntsoma, who was a mentor in the project, said as an experienced photographer, she felt obliged to guide other photographers to grow and succeed in the competitive photography industry. The exhibition is open to the public and will remain on display in the Company’s Garden until March 3. For more information, contact Chiara Frisone at frisonecm.ext@afd.fr