Darkroom is back, deconstructed

The Darkroom Contemporary performance, In C is back as In C deconstructed. Originally created in collaboration with a host of distinctive interdisciplinary artists,

In C deconstructed recreates this performance with a new approach today, August 16, at Youngblood Arts and Culture Development in Bree Street, at 8pm.

The production is performed by Cilna Katze, Lewellyn Afrika, Lee Kotze and Kayla Schultze, with dancers from Darkroom Contemporary’s trainee programme.

The programme features original music by Brydon bolton and Without Eyes.

In C is made up of a series of collaborative performances, interactive installations, educational workshops and forum discussions that took place in Cape Town and Gauteng earlier this year. In C was made possible by a grant from the National Lotteries Commission.

Tickets cost R150. To book or for more information, email info@youngblood-africa.com Pictured is Lewellyn Afrika and Kayla Schultze