Collective hosts fourth exhibition

An artist collective called The Signatures launched its latest exhibition at Artscape on Friday July 27.

Zizo Bongekile Manona, Luvo Khwehla ,Yonela Kitise,Lwando Lese and Yanga Coolg Lingani are part of the group, which was formed in 2017.

This is their fourth exhibition for this year and includes works of painting, photography and pastels.

Co-founder, graphic designer, painter, ceramist, sketcher, sculptor and photographer Yanga Coolg Lingani said: “We strive for the same mission but what defines us as individuals is the subject matter that influences our work and the techniques we use.”

The artists gave a group of creative pupils from Intsebenziswano High School a platform to express their fears, passions and concerns about their arts.

One of the pupils said their parents do not support their love for the arts or their desire to be an artist.

“When I have created something, I feel the need to hide my work because quarrels are always the end result.”

Co-founder, photographer and graphic designer Zizo Bongekile said they want to support the pupils.

“Our goal is to work with the school and with these students through exhibiting their work at the comfort of their school.”

She says that it would help making space at exhibitions for other children, especially if they haven’t made a name for themselves yet.

The members feel that being an artist is not a problem in itself but the challenge lies with those who cannot sustain themselves.

Artists need to know how the business side of it works too. In previous years, members of The Signatures were given the opportunity to paint the second largest mural in Makhaza, honouring women.

“We need to open business in our communities and prove to ourselves that they could be just as sustainable as businesses located in the suburbs,” says Younga. Tourists often go to townships to buy art.

The group says apart from trying to work with Intsebenziswano High School, they are working on having more of their future exhibitions at the Artscape theatre.

The current exhibition at Artscape will be running for the next three weeks. Call Younga at 073 967 9267 or email for more information.