Cape Town hosts first CannaTech summit

South Africa - Cape Town - 17 February 2019 - A good way to gauge the quality and traits of a cannabis seed is to get used to how they look. Some details are obvious, whilst others take some time to identify. Healthier and genetically superior seeds will exhibit darker colours on the outer shell. Shades of grey and black are signs of a good seed, sometimes displaying a tiger stripe aesthetic. Healthy seeds will also look as though they have a coating of wax of their shell. This can be made obvious when exposing them to a bright light and seeing a sheen effect. Darker and better-quality seeds will feel firm to the touch. If the seed feels firm and does not break under pressure, then it's more than likely worth planting. Poor-quality or old seeds will crack and crumble under pressure. Immature and young seeds will be green and white in appearance. It's unlikely that these seeds will germinate, and if they manage to, it will just take longer. In September 2018, Deputy Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo and the Constitutional Court of South Africa officially legalised Marijuana/Cannabis/Dagga use in a private capacity. The government since then has 24 months to officially write this bill into law. Zondo clarified that it is now up to the ruling ANC to decide what quantities are allowed per person, and it must strictly be based on personal use. The official line is that adults are allowed to grow, use and cultivate the substance on their own property. However, dealing, selling or smoking it outside the confines of your own home remains an illegal practice. Picture: Courtney Africa/African News Agency(ANA)

Cannabis business leaders, scientists, technology experts and influencers will gather at the first CannaTech Cape Town summit from Sunday November 24 until Tuesday November 26 at the Lookout at the V&A Waterfront.

CannaTech Cape Town will bring together industry leaders from across Africa and around the world known
for their significant and ground-breaking contributions to the global medical cannabis market in all fields. Summit
will cover the most current industry topics, including agricultural tech
and innovation, business and finance, policy and regulation, science and medicine.

Saul Kaye, founder and CEO of CannaTech and iCAN: Israel-Cannabis, said: “Africa is on the verge of a green revolution. The continent has a major opportunity to participate in this burgeoning global industry and, in turn, help patients in need around the world.

“The fact that leading industry figures and scientists from America, Canada, Israel, Europe, South America and Australia will participate in the summit is testament to this understanding.

“As someone born in South Africa, I could not be prouder to bring CannaTech to Cape Town.”

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