Artists exhibit their work at AVA gallery

Brett Charles Seiler, Mourning Zimbabwe, Gay Rights: Gay Flag 2017.

Four new exhibitions will open at the AVA gallery, 35 Church Street, on Wednesday April 12.

Mountain + Water by Gwen van Embden is a body of work generated by ideas of landscape.

In the Long Gallery, Brett Charles Seiler exhibits Macho man, tell it to my heart. Seiler’s work is influenced by existential philosophy, futility, melancholia, punishment and travel.

Greatest Hits is an annual AVA in house-curated exhibition of work by recent graduates from the Michaelis School of Fine Art UCT and Ruth Prowse School of Art. The artwork is selected from the 2016 graduate shows and on exhibition at the Mezzanine

The Opalescent Abdication Of Godot AKA Sometimes Shit Hurts Bad All Over, is a three-part video performance by artist Negiste Yesside Johnson, showing in the Media Room. The intention with the screening of these three works as a triptych is to formulate a narrative that deals with the discovery of healing through three phases.

The exhibitions will run until Saturday May 20. The AVA gallery is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 7pm, and is closed of Sundays.

For more information call 021 424 7436.